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From our Founder

"Potential never harnessed can be likened unto a torch never set aflame." ~ Britney Sealy

A lack of knowledge is seen every day through the young entrepreneur whose business is unable to flourish and the entry-level staff member who is unable to climb the company's ladder. But with the cohesive assistance of professionals in their field and the willingness of persons to learn and grow, professional development can be achieved at all levels within society. Our mentors are individuals who have knowledge and experience in their field and are committed to assisting others with their professional development. Hence, if individuals hone and develop their skills through this experience, they can too become a mentor to another upcoming worker. ​We are not only committed to the development of our prospective employees but also to our mentors. As such, all of our mentors receive quarterly training and unlimited access to professional development sessions where they can grow.

Potential Mentors,
Your knowledge and experience is a gift and through sharing with a few like-minded individuals you will not only benefit them and your country, but your companies and businesses will thrive in an environment where people are empowered.

*Persons are not charged any fees by WORK Consultancy Inc to become a mentor.*

Prospective Mentees,
Here is an opportunity to soar in the business arena. Learn and grow. Your mentor is someone to be cherished as their time and energy will become an asset to your life. Use this knowledge to help propel you into your dream career.

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Work Consultancy Inc. is a digital ecosystem that fosters professional, corporate and social development in Barbados. As a social enterprise, we remain committed to the development of Barbados. Our Professional Development Internship exists to help students transition successfully into the world of work. We do so by pairing students with mentors in their fields of interest, engaging in professional development discussions and exposing them to task management within a digital company. To date, this internship is available to students at the University of the West Indies Cavehill Campus and the Barbados Community College. In 2021, we started partnering with local businesses to provide paid internships to the most outstanding interns. If your organisation is interested in partnering with us to recruit student interns, kindly send an email to our Founder and CEO, Britney Sealy, at bb@work-consultancy.com.


We are also happy to partner with like-minded organisations within Barbados to help advance our country. To partner with us in any social projects, kindly email our Founder and CEO, Britney Sealy, at bb@work-consultancy.com.



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