Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can you help me find a job?

    Absolutely! Our interview rate during the covid-19 pandemic currently stands at approximately 70 per cent. This means that for every 10 persons who join our programmes, 7 of them receive interviews during their time with us. One thing we never promise though is that you will receive a job during your time with us. We can support you and prepare you as much as possible, but it's you who have to apply and sit in that interview room at the end of it all. Get started by booking a free consultation call with us to find out which package is best for you! Book here ->

  • What is your most popular package?

    Barbadians LOVE our First Step package. This package is ideal for recent university graduates and those who are looking for a new job. Find out more about it at

  • Do your services actually work?

    Absolutely! We currently maintain 5-star reviews on Google and have numerous video and written testimonials on our social media pages and website. Barbadians are finding jobs that satisfy their emotional and financial well-being. Will you be next? Schedule a free consultation with us at

  • Do you offer CV revamps?

    Yep! However, we only offer CV reviews and revamps with one of our other packages. We realised that just having a nice CV, doesn't help everyone secure their next purposeful job so we want to give you some extra tips to assist you. Check out our reviews on Google and visit our social media pages to watch our clients stories! It definitely makes a difference. Consider pairing your CV review and revamp with our Professional Development Programme or First Step Package.

  • I can't find an answer to my question.

    Send us an email at or book a call with us at